Press release for the 2nd Python BarCamp 2011

Autoren: Andi Albrecht, Reimar Bauer, Thomas Lenarz

(für die deutsche Fassung siehe: PythonBarCamp2011/Pressemitteilung)

On April, 16th and 17th, pyCologne, the python-User-Group of Cologne, welcomed about 34 participants to the second German Python-BarCamp at GFU Cyrus AG in Cologne. Early arrivals met the night before at the brewery Früh near the cathedral to enjoy some drinks.

GFU, a Cologne based IT-Training company offered four well equipped conference-rooms, an assembly hall, and a cafeteria, which built up a perfect venue for the BarCamp. Three of their employees assisted in using the facilities and took care of the participants wherever necessary.

O'Reilly ( and GFU ( sponsored a selection of Python-books which were raffled in addition to pyCologne T-shirts during the conference. The company gocept ( cared for the lunchtime pizza to keep the participants fit.

The days started with eager anticipation because at a BarCamp the participants themselves take care of the content. The members of pyCologne ( and Christian Scholz ( took care of organization and preparation.

After a warm welcome from Reimar Bauer on behalf of pyCologne and Aroldo Souza-Leite on behalf of GFU and a brief round of introductions the planning of the sessions was about to start. Prepared flipcharts depicting an empty schedule of the day were filled in quickly: Analysis/design/problem resolution, Buildbot, deployment, Django, GeoSpatial, HTML5, personal learning strategies, Mercurial, modelling with UML, news in MoinMoin2, MongoDB, PyLucene, Python and Git, codereviews with Rietveld, programming of serial interfaces, documentation with Sphinx, Unit- and functional-testing, asynchronous programming with Tornado, VAT-collection in Ghana, webapplication testing, and XDV-Theming. Each session followed the scheme "presentations last as long as it takes or the next slot is about to start. If you do not like the topic, feel free to change to another room".

To get activated again after pizza and drinks, Andreas Schreiber invited the participants into the sunny assembly-hall for lightning talks: speakers talk for five minutes max, the goal is to entertain. After four minutes the moderator signals that there is one minute left and breaks off the talk after five minutes unconditionally. Topics were: Announcement for the EuroSciPy-Conference, CouchDB, an introduction to Scribbling, Cucumber, Django-Projects, Execnet, Facebook graph-API, folding in Vim, Hudson Jenkins CI, PEP381 and PEP 8, Plone, PyYQL, House for free Software, Sourceforge Allura, Dream of TuTux, Websourcebrowser, and bpython.

Again keen for action the afternoon started with further sessions. Easily noticed by the noise of the keyboards many of the new learned topics were transferred immediately to the internet via Twitter and other platforms. Using the hashtags #pycamp and #pythoncamp everybody from inside and outside the camp could follow the event.

The participants enjoyed the evening of the first day in the underground vault of the traditional brewery Sünner with food, cologne beer, and friendly conversation.

The python enthusiasts started the second day with sessions in three conference-rooms. The ligthning talks after the lunch-break were presented by Andi Albrecht.

The whole python-weekend was concluded within a final closing session in the afternoon.

We would like to thank all people, who made the second Python BarCamp of Cologne such a great success.

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